Why Does My Rabbit Nudge Me?

white rabbit nudging a white shoe.

You may love your bunny to bits, but that doesn’t mean you automatically get what he wants to say. We’ve had bun parents asking about rabbit behaviors that puzzle them, such as binkying, foot-thumping, and the like. One common question we get is, why does my rabbit nudge me?  

If you’ve ever experienced being nudged by your adorable bun, you, too, might have wondered what the heck it means. Well, let’s explore the reasons behind those nudges so you can respond appropriately.  

What is Nudging?   

Nudging is a term used to describe a charming behavior rabbits do. It’s when a bunny gives you a gentle nudge with its nose.   

The nudging behavior can vary from rabbit to rabbit. Some buns might lightly tap you with their sniffer, while others may push against you a little more firmly. But don’t worry, it’s not aggressive or meant to hurt you.  

brown and grey rabbits nudging each other.

Why Does Your Rabbit Nudge You?    

It’s important to understand that rabbits are social creatures. They thrive on companionship and can form deep bonds with their humans. As such, they want to communicate with their owners as they do with their kin.   

Like nose-twitching or foot-thumping, nudging is part of their communication repertoire and serves several purposes. Sometimes your bun resorts to it to get some attention, or as his way of expressing affection. At other times he may use it to mark you as his favorite pal.  

Let’s delve deeper into some fascinating reasons why your rabbit nudges you.  

A Call for Attention  

Rabbits are group-oriented animals, and they enjoy being part of the family. Nudging is their friendly and gentle reminder that they want to be included in your day-to-day activities. If your pet sees you’re focused on something, like, say, watching your favorite movie, the gentle boop is his way of getting your attention.  

Rabbits crave human interaction. Otherwise, they could get bored or lonely. So how about giving your furry pal some ear scratches or a gentle petting session to show you care for him as much as he cares for you?  

Telling You to Move It   

If the nudge your bun gives is a tad more forceful, he’s likely saying, “Hey buddy, move out of the way.” Don’t worry, your pet hasn’t lost his love for you. You may just happen to stand between him and some delectable treat, such as orange wedges, or he’s on his way to the bathroom.  

Saying That’s Enough  

Most rabbits enjoy being held and petted. Not only do they find it fun but according to research, it can also relieve stress and lower their blood pressure. However, even bunnies have their limits. As much as they appreciate a good petting, they also value their personal space.  

If your rabbit nudges you while you’re stroking or cuddling him, it could mean he’s had enough and wants to be on his own for a while.  

A Way to Explore and Investigate 

Rabbits are naturally curious and love to explore their surroundings. When your rabbit nudges you, he might be trying to investigate and understand his environment better.

By touching and pushing against you, he could be testing different textures, surfaces, and scents. So don’t be surprised if your pet bites or nibbles on your clothes after giving you a boop as part of the investigation process. 

Marking His Territory  

Rabbits are hardwired to be territorial. In the wild, they live in groups and must establish a social hierarchy. Nudging is one of the ways they mark their territory.  

Bunnies have scent glands on their chins and cheeks, which they use to mark objects and individuals as theirs. So when your rabbit nudges you, he could be leaving his scent on you, essentially claiming you as part of his territory.  

A Response to Hormonal Changes  

Rabbits go through different phases of sexual maturity, and certain behaviors can become more pronounced during specific times. If your rabbit has reached puberty or is experiencing hormonal fluctuations, he may exhibit nudging behavior to display dominance or attract a potential mate.  

Sexual maturity occurs roughly around the 18th-week mark in bunnies, although it may come earlier, particularly in smaller breeds. If your fur baby is around that age and starts nudging you, the desire to mate could be the reason.  

brown rabbit nudging a woman's arm.

Saying Hello  

The nudge could mean a simple hello. For example, if you walk up to your bun’s cage and he gently pushes against your arm or leg, he could be extending a warm greeting. Think of it as your pet saying, “Hello, my favorite human,” and is meant to acknowledge your presence.   

The nudge is usually soft and gentle, as opposed to ones with more force, which sometimes indicate a desire to be left alone. Your pet could also greet other humans the same way, particularly friendly-looking ones. Rabbits are affectionate creatures, after all.  

A Learned Behavior  

You might not remember, but your pet could have nudged you in the past. In return, you rewarded the behavior by petting or giving him a treat. Because buns are intelligent, your fur baby learned to associate the behavior with a favorable outcome, like gaining access to resources or enjoyable activities. As a result, your rabbit uses nudging to get something from you.  

Seeking Comfort and Reassurance  

Being prey animals, rabbits are naturally skittish. When they feel anxious, scared, or uncertain, they often turn to their trusted human companions for support. By nudging you, your rabbit is seeking solace and a sense of security. Try to calm your bun if he looks stressed or scared when he gives you a nudge.  

Of course, every rabbit has a unique personality, so the reasons behind the nudges may vary from bunny to bunny. Observe your rabbit’s behavior and body language to better understand what he’s trying to tell you.   

Look for other cues, such as ear positioning, body posture, and vocalizations, as those can provide valuable clues about what your furry friend is trying to communicate.  

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