What Does a Rabbit Binky Mean?

rabbit jumping in the air

Have you ever seen your bunny leap into the air, twisting and turning its body and looking as if he is doing an aerial somersault? It’s quite a spectacle, isn’t it? If you’re a new rabbit parent, you may have wondered what your pet was doing. Well, what you’ve just witnessed is a rabbit binky.

A what?

Keep on reading if you want to find out more about this fun trick and what makes your rabbit do it!

A Rabbit Binky: What Does it Look Like?

It’s hard to miss a rabbit binky. Such a delightful sight will likely send you running to call the attention of your family members. But just so you’re sure that what you’re seeing is indeed a binky and not another form of rabbit communication, here’s what it looks like.

There are two types of rabbit binky.

  • A half binky: A sharp flip of the head that makes the ears wiggle characterizes a half binky, otherwise called a head flick or an ear flick. It usually happens when your pet is running around. Instead of jumping into the air, some rabbits simply flick their ears or head. 
  • A full binky: This is marked by a sudden leap accompanied by a twist of your pet’s body in the opposite direction while kicking out its hind legs. Actually, it looks so much like a happy person leaping and clicking their heels. Your bunny can do two or more full binkies before falling back to the ground.

Don’t confuse a half-binky with the symptoms of a condition called head tilt. Otherwise known as torticollis or wryneck, head tilt is a health issue that causes a rabbit’s neck to twist and makes the head tilt to one side. It is typically caused by ear and parasitic infections, abscesses or tumors in the brain, strokes, and head traumas.

With a true binky, your pet can quickly correct his posture after binkying, while in the case of a wryneck, the head remains tilted.

What Makes a Rabbit Jump Like This?

Many reasons drive you rabbit to binky, and you’ll be glad to know that all of them are positive ones.

Here are some of them:

A rabbit binky indicates playtime

Just like with children, rabbits whoop it up when given the opportunity. Young rabbits, especially, are pretty playful, and when they’re having loads of fun, a binky is a natural result of their exuberance. Observe your pet when he or she is frolicking with other rabbits, and you may be rewarded by the charming sight of your bunny doing a binky.

Adult rabbits also binky. It’s a sign that your pet loves their life, and binkying is one of the ways they express their happiness.

A rabbit who binkies wants your attention

Many who don’t know rabbits well think that they don’t bond with their humans. Well, guess again. Not only do rabbits connect with their owners, but they can bond as closely as dogs. As such, they love being with you, and they’ll do things to catch your attention. A rabbit binky is one of their attention-getting antics.

However, you’ll need to differentiate between a binky, which expresses joy, and nervous jumping that rabbits do during stressful situations.

A rabbit binky indicates high energy levels

Just like with humans, your pet’s energy levels vary. When they’re full of pep and vigor, a binky is an excellent way to release some of that energy.

Being crepuscular creatures, or animals who are most active during the twilight hours and early morning, you can expect your pet to binky during those times. 

Excitement over food can cause a rabbit binky

Rabbits love to eat. You can see their excitement when they hear the rustle of the feed bag or the sound of their food bowl hitting the floor. So when you give them food they enjoy, such as fruits and veggies, they may express their joy by doing a binky.

white rabbit standing

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Can You Make Your Rabbit Binky?

Yes, you can. By doing the things that make your bunny happy, you can encourage your pet to do a binky. 

Here are some great ways to make a rabbit binky.

1.    Give your pet their favorite treats

Rabbits love food, especially fruits and veggies. Eating their favorite treats makes a rabbit’s day and can send them zooming around and jumping in the air through sheer happiness. Be careful with handing out those treats, though. Give your bunny just enough to prevent stomach upsets.

2.    Shower your bunny with attention

Being social animals, rabbits need attention to make them happy. Make it part of your routine to interact with your pet daily. Playing with them helps keep loneliness and depression at bay, especially if your bunny is an only pet.

3.    Provide a companion

Rabbits need companionship. Living alone can make your pet lonely, especially if you can’t spend a lot of time with them. Giving your bunny a friend to bond with is the next best thing. However, rabbits can be a bit picky about the companion they get, so try to find a suitable match. We suggest you go to a rescue center and find a rabbit who’ll make a perfect fit for your pet. The bonus? You’ll give a rescue rabbit a new home.

4.    Give your rabbit ample space

Rabbits love it when they have plenty of space to move around and exercise. So make sure that your pet’s hutch is roomy enough for them to stretch their legs, lie down comfortably and do bathroom stuff in different sections of their pen. Add to that, give them lots of opportunities to get out of their cage and into a wider exercise area.

5.    Provide your pet with toys

The right toys can help satisfy your rabbit’s urge to dig and chew. Balls, chew toys, and foraging mats stimulate your pet’s mind while answering their instinctive needs to forage, thus keeping them active and happy. Look for toys made with natural materials and those that don’t contain substances that may be toxic to rabbits.

Avoid toys that contain the following:

  • Varnish
  • Dyes
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Coatings that give a glossy finish

Do Old Rabbits Binky?

You may wonder if your pet will still binky when they get older. Don’t worry. Provided that your rabbit remains in good health, they will continue to binky as they age. In fact, because they have gotten to know you really well and are comfortable in your presence, they may binky more frequently than when they were younger.

Do Wild Rabbits Binky?

Rabbits who live in the wild also binky, although not as frequently as pet rabbits. That’s understandable because rabbits usually binky when they feel happy, safe, and carefree. Living in the wild does not encourage those feelings.

In fact, one reason wild rabbits binky has to do with self-preservation. A binkying rabbit makes it difficult for a predator to catch it. As such, when you chase your pet while playing, make sure you’re not scaring him into thinking you’re a predator.

To determine if your bunny understands that it’s all part of a game, kneel down and call your pet’s name. If he or she comes to you readily, then your rabbit knows you’re just playing.

A rabbit binky means your pet is happy and is not afraid to show it. It also means that you’re doing a great job in taking care of your bunny!

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