How High Can Rabbits Jump? Tips to Keep Them Safe While Jumping

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If you’ve ever wondered just how high can rabbits jump, this post is for you. Jumping is one activity rabbits excel at, and they do it for various reasons. They jump when they’re happy and they leap great heights to escape perceived threats.

How High Can Rabbits Jump: Key Take-Aways

Why Do Rabbits Jump: Rabbits are hard-wired to jump. The strength of their hind legs and feet makes jumping easy for them, which is useful as they need to escape predators in the wild.

How High Can Bunnies Jump: A healthy, strong rabbit can jump anywhere from 2-3 feet. Baby rabbits, overweight rabbits, and older rabbits may not come close to these lengths.

How to Lessen the Risk of Injury to Your Rabbit: There are a few ways to keep your rabbits safe as they jump… keep your rabbit securely in your arms when holding him or her, provide soft carpet or flooring, and don’t place your rabbit on high distances that they would be tempted to jump from.

Why Do Rabbits Jump Anyway?   

Well, they’re hard-wired to do so, that’s why. The anatomy of their feet makes hopping so natural for them. Moreover, rabbits have such strong legs that they can leap forward almost 10 feet in a single bound.  

A jumping rabbit typically lands on his front legs. This allows him to balance as his hind legs go into position for another mighty hop. Such strength and agility help buns in the wild escape predators.  

brown rabbit mid jump

How High Can Rabbits Jump? 

The highest recorded rabbit jump stands at 39.2 inches or just a little over 3 feet. However, some fur parents say they’ve seen rabbits jump as high as 48 inches (4 feet). So it’s safe to assume that given the right motivation, your bun can jump that high.  

Still, pet rabbits aren’t likely to be such high jumpers. At most, they’ll probably be able to leap only around 2-3 feet straight up. That’s because living in a home doesn’t give them the same opportunity to run and jump around the way wild rabbits do. They’re also less likely to encounter predators, which drives their counterparts in the wild to exercise their leaping ability.  

What Factors Influence How High Bunnies Jump?   

Not all rabbits are the same, and like humans, they have different abilities. The following considerations can determine the height of a bunny jump:  

  • Health: Rabbits who are in top shape can usually jump higher than ill or weak ones.  
  • Size: The larger your rabbit, the stronger his legs and the higher he can jump.  
  • Weight: Like humans and other animals, excess weight makes it harder to move around. That’s why chubby buns may find it hard to leap great heights.  
  • Age: Baby rabbits won’t be able to jump so high. Experts estimate that buns aged 2-3 months can leap a maximum of 2 feet.  
  • Exercise: Buns who stay inside their cage or hutch won’t get opportunities to move around, which can affect their leaping ability.  
  • Personality: Some bunnies simply love to jump more than others, and sufficient motivation can make them leap higher.  

How Far Can Rabbits Fall Without Getting Injured? 

If they can jump as high as 4 feet, then they can also safely fall from that same height, right? Not exactly. When bunnies jump, they’re prepared for the impact when they land. Falling is another matter. Several factors come into play that affects how safely they’ll get back on the ground.   

These are:  

  1. Their weight and health condition: Lean and healthy rabbits stand better chances of landing safely on their feet.  
  1. Where they land: Falling on a hard floor can have a more significant impact on a bun’s body than a carpeted one.  
  1. How they land: Falling on something poking from the floor can twist a rabbit’s foot. A hard landing can also jar his body and affect his joints.  
  1. Intention: Was the jump deliberate, or did it happen accidentally? A rabbit leaping from your arms is better prepared for a landing than one who simply fell off.  
brown rabbit standing on back paws

How to Lessen the Risk of Injury When Your Rabbit Jumps 

Rabbits are intelligent creatures. They usually won’t leap from great heights without any provocation. However, when they feel threatened, they may jump from wherever they are. You may not be able to prevent your fur baby from jumping completely, but you can do something to reduce the risks of injuries from a nasty fall.  

  • Provide a soft landing. Carpets can lessen the impact of a fall.  
  • Clear the area. Hard, pokey objects can injure your bun’s foot, so keep the place where you place your fur baby as free of odds and ends as possible.  
  • Don’t place your bun at a height he can’t safely jump from. If you need to keep him there for some reason, don’t leave him unattended.  

Will Your Rabbit Jump Out of Your Arms? 

Rabbits are known to do so. In fact, jumping or slipping from their owner’s arms is one of the most common causes of injuries. To avoid this scenario, don’t pick up your bun if he doesn’t enjoy being lifted from the ground.  

If your fur baby doesn’t mind being cuddled, make sure you hold him properly, so he doesn’t get the chance to jump from your arms. These tips for holding rabbits go for all types of ages of rabbits: baby rabbits, mini lops, rabbits with red eyes and everyone in between.  

  1. Place one hand securely below your bun’s chest.  
  1. Position your other hand under the hind legs.  
  1. Gently lift your bunny, then hold him against your chest. Keep a firm grip but don’t squeeze too tightly so as not to crush or frighten your pet.  
  1. If your bun struggles or seems ill at ease, put him down immediately to prevent him from struggling to escape. Holding a rabbit against his wishes can cause him to jump, which can lead to a bad fall.  

What Should You Do If Your Rabbit Jumps from a High Place?  

Rabbits are delicate creatures. They have fragile skeletons, which falls can easily injure. So if your bun fell from a great height, take it seriously. But don’t rush to him immediately. After a fall, your pet will likely be frightened and jumpy. Instead of picking him up, observe him first from a safe distance. The following questions will help to assess his condition:  

  • Is your bun moving? Can he shift his position or move his neck and legs?  
  • Is your pet bleeding?   
  • If your bun can move, can he do it without limping or dragging his legs?  

If your pet looks fine, you can offer some treats and cuddles to comfort him. Return him to his cage if he’s willing to go in. Rabbits usually find comfort in being inside their home.  

Observe your bun for a few days to ensure that all is well. If you’re in doubt, speak to your vet or have your pet checked out by a health professional who knows rabbits.  

How high can bunnies jump? Relatively high for their size. However, if you don’t want to risk any injuries, bunny-proofing your home will help ensure he doesn’t take any death-defying leaps.  

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