Why Is My Rabbit Scratching the Floor?

By Christine

As bun parents, you’ve probably seen your pet do some strange things. Like other animals, rabbits sometimes display behaviors that make their owners shake their heads, wondering what it means

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So it’s pretty common to hear questions like why is my rabbit scratching the floor or why is my bun zooming all over the house?

This is to satisfy their instinct to burrow down the earth. Buns in the wild dig underground tunnels to create earthen homes.

Why Do Rabbits Dig?

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We mentioned that the instinct to dig is ingrained in rabbits. Because it’s in their nature, some buns still engage in the activity even if they have all the comforts you can provide.

Why Is My Rabbit Scratching the Floor?

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Also, other reasons may be driving your pet to scratch the floor or dig through the carpet. Let’s see what those reasons are:


Calming your bun by making changes in his environment can help address the problem. You can try dimming the lights, as excessive brightness can upset rabbits.

How to Stop Your Rabbit from Scratching the Floor

Although scratching the floor isn’t always an indication that something’s not right with your bun, you may want to stop the habit. There’s no surefire way to eliminate the problem, but you can try these tips to control your bun’s tendency to scratch the floor.

Play with Your Bun

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Offer Your Rabbit a Digging Box

Provide a Peaceful Living Space


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