What Does a Rabbit Binky Mean?

By Christine


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Many reasons drive you rabbit to binky, and you’ll be glad to know that all of them are positive ones.

A rabbit binky indicates playtime

Young rabbits, especially, are pretty playful, and when they’re having loads of fun, a binky is a natural result of their exuberance.

Adult rabbits also binky. It’s a sign that your pet loves their life, and binkying is one of the ways they express their happiness.

Not only do rabbits connect with their owners, but they can bond as closely as dogs. As such, they love being with you, and they’ll do things to catch your attention. A rabbit binky is one of their attention-getting antics.

A rabbit who binkies wants your attention

Just like with humans, your pet’s energy levels vary. When they’re full of pep and vigor, a binky is an excellent way to release some of that energy.

A rabbit binky indicates high energy levels

Rabbits love to eat. You can see their excitement when they hear the rustle of the feed bag or the sound of their food bowl hitting the floor.

Excitement over food can cause a rabbit binky

Can You Make Your Rabbit Binky?

Yes, you can. By doing the things that make your bunny happy, you can encourage your pet to do a binky.

Rabbits love food, especially fruits and veggies. Eating their favorite treats makes a rabbit’s day and can send them zooming around and jumping in the air through sheer happiness.

Give your pet their favorite treats

Being social animals, rabbits need attention to make them happy. Make it part of your routine to interact with your pet daily.

Shower your bunny with attention

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