What Does a Rabbit Binky Mean?

By Christine

Have you ever seen your bunny leap into the air, twisting and turning its body and looking as if he is doing an aerial somersault?

It’s quite a spectacle, isn’t it?  If you’re a new rabbit parent, you may have wondered what your pet was doing.

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A Rabbit Binky: What Does it Look Like?

It’s hard to miss a rabbit binky. Such a delightful sight will likely send you running to call the attention of your family members.

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A half binky:

A sharp flip of the head that makes the ears wiggle characterizes a half binky, otherwise called a head flick or an ear flick.

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A full binky:

This is marked by a sudden leap accompanied by a twist of your pet’s body in the opposite direction while kicking out its hind legs.

Many reasons drive you rabbit to binky, and you’ll be glad to know that all of them are positive ones.

What Makes a Rabbit Jump Like This?

Just like with children, rabbits whoop it up when given the opportunity. Young rabbits, especially, are pretty playful, and when they’re having loads of fun, a binky is a natural result of their exuberance.

A rabbit binky indicates playtime

Not only do rabbits connect with their owners, but they can bond as closely as dogs. As such, they love being with you, and they’ll do things to catch your attention.

A rabbit who binkies wants your attention

Just like with humans, your pet’s energy levels vary. When they’re full of pep and vigor, a binky is an excellent way to release some of that energy.

A rabbit binky indicates high energy levels