Can Rabbits Drink Out of Bowls?

By Christine

Caring for a pet isn’t easy. You need to consider many things, some of which you might not have entered your mind. Take the case of a rabbit.

Before you welcome one into your home, you’ll have to purchase the things your cuddly fur bundle requires to live comfortably.

What Can Rabbit’s Drink?

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Before we discuss where your pet should drink, let’s first consider the best way to keep him hydrated. For this purpose, stick to plain water.

Rabbits should have access to water 24/7. This precious liquid is essential for their continued good health. They can dehydrate quickly, especially during warm weather, so water must always be available to them.

Why Is Water Important to Rabbits?

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A rabbit shouldn’t be without water for more than 24 hours. If your pet cannot drink beyond that period, it can lead to fatal consequences.

How Much Should  They Drink?

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Some fur parents insist that water bowls make the best container, while others opine that bottle feeders are the better option.


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This container tends to be the more popular of the two choices. Water bowls are often made of metal, ceramic, plastic, or stoneware.

The Water Bowl

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