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Blue Mini Rex Rabbit: History, Facts, Care & More

By Christine

Yellow Dots

It’s all about the fur. That’s what most rabbit lovers often say when they talk about the Mini Rex rabbit, and we can understand why.

The coat is definitely the most distinctive trait of this bun breed. It’s so plush and velvety that touching it is an experience to remember.

What’s more, this rabbit type comes in an itty-bitty package and a range of fascinating colors, from brown, black, and even lilac and blue.


The Mini Rex breed came into being courtesy of Monna Berryhill, who developed the first Mini Rex rabbit in 1984.  She started the process by mixing a black Dwarf Rex with an undersized Lynx Red.


Mini Rexes have compact and rounded bodies, well-developed hind legs, shoulders, and midsection. Their legs are straight and short, though not as short as other dwarf types.


Blue Mini Rexes are sweet, docile, and friendly. They enjoy being with their humans, so be prepared to enjoy displays of affection after you’ve bonded with your charming little pet.


The Mini Rex is considered a dwarf breed. It grows to a length of 10 to 12 inches and would usually weigh less than 5 pounds in adulthood.


A blue Mini Rex is prone to the usual health issues other bun breeds face.