Why Is My Rabbit Not Active?

By Christine

Rabbits are furry bundles of energy. Bun parents are familiar with the zoomies, that frenetic burst of activity rabbits often display.

There’s also the binky, which is a sight to behold. Because they’re such energetic pets, a bun who seems lethargic or uninterested in playing worries his humans. No wonder then that the question why is my rabbit not active often comes up in conversations among fur parents.

Aside from eating and sleeping, everyday rabbit activities include playing, running, jumping, sometimes over each other, and binkying.

Common Rabbit Activities

If you see your pet indulging in these pursuits, give yourself a pat on the back as they’re signs you have a happy rabbit.

Because they’re known as fluffy bundles of energy, we understand why seeing your rabbit sitting in one corner and doing nothing can make you worry. Remember, though, that buns get less active as they mature, and senior ones could stop playing altogether. Like humans and other creatures, their energy levels drop through the years, making them uninterested in energetic pursuits.

Why Is My Rabbit Not Active?

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Common Reasons Why Your Rabbit Is Not Active

It’s not unusual for rabbits to sit still and do nothing. In the wild, they do so to avoid attracting the attention of predators. With domesticated buns, other reasons for their inactivity include the following.

Being intelligent creatures, buns crave mental and physical stimulation. They enjoy learning and playing with new things. So it’s important that they have toys to keep them occupied.


A rabbit’s body experiences the usual wear and tear as years pass. This could lead to problems that restrict movement. Osteoarthritis is a common issue with aging rabbits.

Advanced Age

Do you keep two rabbits in one cage? Your inactive bun may have a dominant companion who took possession of all the toys in their hutch.



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