Why Does My Rabbit Grind His Teeth?

By Christine

Rabbits can’t talk. They also don’t make sounds that are unique to their species the way cats and dogs do. Still, they have their way of communicating with their kind and with their humans as well.

They do this through their body language and by making a variety of sounds. The thing is, it’s not always easy to decipher what those sounds and gestures mean.

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There are two types of tooth-grinding and what they mean depends on how they sound. You’ll also need to take note of other signs to determine how your bun feels.

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Rabbit Teeth-grinding: What Does It Mean?

Similar to a cat’s purr, this is a soft sound rabbits create when they grind their front teeth. They do this to wear down their pearly whites, and more often, to indicate pleasure or contentment.

Quiet tooth-grinding (also called teeth-chattering)

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While teeth-chattering usually indicates satisfaction, loud tooth-grinding is a classic sign that your rabbit is in pain, especially if other indications of discomfort accompany the sound.

 Loud tooth grinding

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the Difference Between Tooth-chattering and Tooth-grinding

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Volume and frequency

Accompanying eye movements

Body language

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Low Energy

Lack of appetite

Hiding or avoiding your touch

Changes in grooming habits

How to Tell If Pain Is Behind Your Rabbit’s Tooth-grinding

You first need to determine what’s causing the pain before you can provide relief for your pet. Infections will require vet-prescribed antibiotics.

How Do You Relieve Your Bunny’s Pain?

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