Why Do Rabbits Jump Over Each Other?

By Christine

Rabbits are excellent leapers, able to jump as high as four feet. That’s quite a feat considering their size.

But these furry bundles of joy don’t just leap straight up; they also seem to enjoy hopping over one another.

Although that can be a fascinating sight, many bun lovers can’t help but ask the question, why do rabbits jump over each other?

Why Rabbits Jump?

Buns have powerful hind legs that can propel them as much as 9 to 10 feet forward. The formidable strength of those legs lets them out-jump even the fastest predators, so they’re basically hardwired to jump.

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Jumping over each other can mean different things for rabbits, depending on their age, gender, and situation. Let’s look at the common reasons why they indulge in this habit:

Why Do Rabbits Jump over Each Other?

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It’s an Invitation to Mate

Consider it their courtship dance. When a male bun (buck) jumps over a female rabbit (doe), he’s testing the waters to see if she’s interested in mating.

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This ritual, known as cavorting, can also occur between two males or two females.

They’re Fighting

Rabbits jumping over each other isn’t always a sign that they’re in the mood for love. It can also mean they’re on the warpath. Two buns who leap at one another may be trying to establish dominance, with each rabbit wanting to have the last say.

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They’re Playing

Jumping over each other is one of the ways bunnies play. Rabbits of all ages indulge in this, but it more commonly happens among the young ones.

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