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Which Breed of Rabbit is Most Child Friendly?

By Christine

Fuzzy, warm, and cuddly! That’s why bunnies are popular pets among kids and kids-at-heart.

Rabbits, in general, make fine pets. But not all breeds are good with children. Even with their (mostly) easygoing temperament and friendly demeanor, some rabbits are just not the ideal ones to have with kids.

Top 8 most child-friendly  rabbit breeds


• They weigh around 3-3.5 pounds (11"-14" body lenght)

• Unique Traits: Dark head with white stripes starting from nose towards face.

Holland Lop

• Holland lops weigh just around 2.5-4.5 pounds.

• Their coats can be a variety of colors, from grey to white to brown.

• They’re obedient. And also intelligent and crave human attention!


Their unique long wooled coat (2-3 inches; available in various colors) around their neck and ears, similar to that of the lion, is what sets them apart.

Lionheads are cute and captivating–in terms of their weight (up to 3.75 pounds, 8-10 inches long) and appearance.

Mini Rex

Because of their short underfur (or guard hairs), they are more sensitive to cold weather temps.

Mini Rex’s (3-4.25 lbs., 10.5”-12.5” long), like the Lionheads, have their own way of standing out. They don’t have a mane, but they do have short but plush fur.

Mini Lops

While their fur can be several shades of colors, their huge ears that flop down are the ones unique to them and other lop rabbits.

Mini lops are like a smaller version of French Lop. They weigh up to 6.5 pounds.


They are short and compact and weigh around 4.5-6.4 pounds. Havanas can have silky black, blue, or chocolate coats.

They are bright and not aggressive.


Crossed between Chinchilla and Himalayan, the Californian rabbit is quite an energetic rabbit. They may be shy at first, but if you spend enough time with them, you’ll get to know their personality.

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