What to Do When Your Rabbit Bites

For anyone who’s never taken care of a rabbit before or new to rabbits, it’s probably hard to believe that these cute and cuddly fur babies could bite.

Not all rabbits bite, of course. But if yours does, don’t despair. You’ll just have to know the right way to deal with rabbit biting to turn your bunny into the sweet and lovable companion you expected.

Biting is a natural behavior in rabbits, even though most people don’t think these timid creatures can show aggression.

Rabbit Biting: What Does It Mean?

To establish dominance

The Reasons Behind Rabbit Biting

To show dominance, they use various methods, such as snorting, lunging, and, yes, biting.

As a defense mechanism

Because of their vulnerability, rabbits may bite to defend themselves if they feel threatened. If you pick up your pet, he or she may react by biting if they’re not used to being held.

Food aggression

In the wild, rabbits compete for food. During periods of scarcity, they need to fight to protect what little they have.

Due to hormones

Rabbits typically reach sexual maturity by then. At that age, their raging hormones alter their behavior, and they may bite as a result.

Medical issues

If your typically friendly bunny suddenly bites you, a visit to the vet for a check-up would be a wise move.


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