By Christine

What To Do If Your Rabbit Stops Eating

Rabbits are typically very good eaters especially when it comes to their favorite foods. But what do you do if your rabbit stops eating or taking an interest in his or her favorite foods?

It’s important to take action quickly as appetite loss can be a serious issue for bunnies.

Rabbits are in a class of their own when it comes to food. Whereas dogs and cats will eat and the majority will not starve themselves, rabbits may starve themselves. And it’s critical to act quickly because their GI track will shut down if they are not nibbling and eating consistently.

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Act quickly

If you’ve noticed that your bunny has not eaten his morning meal by, say, 1 pm, it’s time to do a bunny check. Often, going through these questions will give you the answer as to why your bunny has stopped eating

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Why has he or she  stopped eating?

Have we changed his or her pellets?

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First, ask yourself these questions:

Have we changed his or her hay to a different kind, brand, cut?

Did we move his or her food dish to a different location?

Did we change his or her litter to a different kind, brand, type, scent?

Did we change / add / take away anything in his pen?

We are not vet’s so these checks are just to see if there is something physically wrong that you could pinpoint. If you see something that doesn’t look right, scoop him up, put him in a pet travel bag and take him to the vet. It’s important to get injury and sicknesses addressed immediately.

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