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What Herbs Can Rabbits Eat?

7 Options They’ll Love

Wild rabbits instinctively know what to eat, and since they have access to a wide range of plants, they can feed on those that best provide for their nutritional needs.

A pet bun doesn’t have that option but instead will eat the food their humans offer.

That’s why it’s important for you, their fur mom or dad, to know what will balance out your pet’s diet.

Herbs add variety to your bun’s meals. Also, they help provide him with all the nutrients he needs. Moreover, unlike fruits and root crops, you don’t need to ration his servings since these edible greens don’t usually cause digestive issues to rabbits.

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What Types of Herbs to  Give Your Rabbit?

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Fresh Herbs for Your Rabbit

Rabbits need generous servings of leafy green veggies daily. Most herbs count as leafy greens, so you can include the fresh version in your pet’s meals.

Dried herbs are typically found in grocery stores. But if you’re growing your own fresh herbs, you can simply dry part of your produce.

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Dried Herbs for Your Bun

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7 Herbs Rabbits Can Eat





This aromatic herb contains phytochemicals that boost a bun’s immune system, aid in digestion, reduce stress, and relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infection

Basil is another excellent source of phytochemicals for your bunny.

Parsley is great for rabbits. It is a great source of vitamins, carbohydrates, antioxidants and even folic acid.

The herb reduces inflammation and helps ease joint pains. You can give it to rabbits with digestive disorders, fever, and urinary tract infections.