By Christine

We get it. Rabbits can be so irresistible that some people give in to the impulse to get one without thinking much about how to provide for their new pet

If you plan to add a rabbit to your family, you have to research how to properly care for your new companion and the essentials you should have on hand. A living space tops the must-have list.

How to Prepare Your  Home for a Rabbit

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Other rabbit owners opt for indoor or outdoor housing. Your pet will thrive in whichever of the mentioned setups you choose. The important thing is to provide a space where he can rest comfortably and feel safe. That means a cage.

What do rabbits need in their cage

Even if rabbits are social animals, they still want some privacy. So providing a cage for your pet is crucial to his health and happiness. But a pen is just a physical structure.

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Rabbits need enough room to move about. Being inside a tiny enclosure can lead to stress, which won’t be healthy for your pet.

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Appropriate Flooring Material

You can solve the problem by covering part of the area with a grass or cotton mat so your bun can have something comfortable to stand on.

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Food and Water

Rabbits love to eat, so aside from providing nourishment, food can also help turn your fur baby into a happy and healthy bunny. Make sure he has access to food and water at all times

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Litter Box and Litter Material

The type of litter you use makes a difference to your rabbit’s health. Some materials can be harmful and may lead to liver damage. Go organic as much as possible.

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