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Tips for Quickly Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Cage

By Christine

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One look at a bunny’s sweet, gentle face is enough to melt your heart. And because they’re so cute and affectionate, a pet rabbit brings such great joy to their humans.

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But owning a pet entails some responsibilities to ensure that they remain healthy and happy.

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Aside from providing them with nutritious food, you’ll have to make sure they have a safe and well-kept living area. That involves cleaning your rabbit’s cage regularly.

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How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Rabbit’s Cage?

There are no set rules on how often you need to clean your rabbit’s hutch or pen but regularly taking care of your pet’s mess is generally easier than tackling a load of accumulated dirt in one go.

Keeping Your Rabbit’s Hutch Clean

Daily Rabbit Cage Cleaning

This involves tasks you should aim to complete every day.

Remove leftover food

Taking out the food your pet left behind prevents bacterial growth, which causes food to rot.

Refill the water bottle or dish

Whether you use a bottle or a dish, your bun needs access to fresh water at all times, so don’t forget to clean the water area well. A bottle brush or sponge will make the task easier.

Clean the litter area

Changing the dirty litter minimizes the risk of infection caused by the bacteria in the soiled litter.

Spot-clean small messes

Wipe water and urine spills daily. Use disinfectant or a water and vinegar solution to clean the walls and floors of the hutch.

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