The Best Rabbit Bedding Options

By Christine

Although rabbits have become one of the country’s favorite companion animals, they retain some of the habits and behaviors of their undomesticated kin. You’ll need to consider that when you welcome a bunny into your life.

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To make your fur baby feel safe and comfortable, you’ll have to make the space resemble a burrow. Providing rabbit bedding is an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

There’s no one answer to this question as it depends on the situation. A tired rabbit often won’t care where he sleeps as he’ll likely snooze in the first comfortable place he finds.

Do Rabbits Need Bedding?

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* The bedding creates a burrow-like ambiance which makes rabbits feel safe and protected. * Rabbits’ body temperatures drop when they’re asleep and they can get cold. * Your pet will learn to differentiate between his potty and sleeping area.

Why They Need It

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What to Look for

Choosing the best rabbit bedding takes some careful thinking as every bun is unique, with different needs and preferences.

Be that as it may, the bedding material that suits rabbits most should have specific characteristics that will cater to their habits and peculiarities.

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What Makes the Best Bedding?

You won’t run out of options for bedding material. Some fur parents go DIY and use natural stuff found around the house, such as paper or wood products. The good news is most of those can serve their purpose


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