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Common Rabbit Eye Problems

By Christine

Many people associate long, floppy ears with rabbits.  And yes, those droopy appendages are perhaps the most distinctive features buns have.

But we can say some interesting things about their large, soulful eyes as well. And because they are the windows to your bun’s health, familiarity with rabbit eye problems will let you know if you need to get help for your pet.

Positioned at the side of the head, your bun’s eyes let him see all around him. That’s a pretty useful ability in the wild, which helps rabbits detect approaching predators.

Fascinating Facts about Your Rabbit’s Eyes

Rabbits are also partially color-blind. That is, they can perceive colors but not as vividly as humans. Mainly their vision only detects certain hues and not the whole spectrum of colors.

Common Rabbit Eye  Problems

Weepy Eyes

Your bun’s eyes can become inflamed and watery. Surprisingly, this condition typically occurs as a result of dental problems such as overgrown teeth.

Foreign Bodies in the Eye

Because of their size, your bun’s eyes are susceptible to injuries.Foreign bodies, such as hay, bits of food, or pieces of bedding can land on the eye surface, causing pain or irritation.


Abscesses are bumps on your rabbit’s skin. These are typically full of pus and can form anywhere on the body, usually around areas that sustained injuries and got infected.

Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcers occur when the cornea or the eye’s outermost layer suffers some form of trauma.