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Tips for Successful Rabbit Bonding

Rabbits are sociable creatures. That’s why it’s in their nature to want to live in a large group.  A solitary bun can get lonely so getting a companion for your pet is a great idea if your living situation allows you to do so.

However, even if your bunny will likely want a friend, don’t expect him to welcome another of his kind enthusiastically at first sight. Two buns only become pals for life after they’ve gone through a process called rabbit bonding.

How Long Does It Take for Your Rabbits to Bond?

That will really depend on your bunnies. Like with humans, some rabbits click with one another instantly, while with some, it takes several encounters before they finally learn to like each other.

If you’re lucky, your two fur babies will like each other on sight, although that rarely happens. What’s more common is for two rabbits to slowly get used to each other until they become best buddies.

Rabbit Bonding: The Preparation

To ensure a successful bonding and hasten the process, there are some things you can do.

Find the right match

Get your buns fixed

Check their health

It’s tempting just to let both your rabbits loose and see how they deal with each other. But this method carries some risks.

Introducing Your Rabbits to Each Other

Taking some steps before a face-to-face encounter between your rabbits is, in our opinion, a better alternative. Here’s how to go about helping your buns become friends for life:

Let your rabbits get used to each other’s scents

Let your bun see each other

Put them together

Letting go or keep trying

Tilted Green Blob
Tilted Green Blob
Tilted Green Blob
Tilted Green Blob

Introduce the rabbits to their living space

Tilted Green Blob

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