By Christine

Mini Lop Vs. Holland Lop


Mini Lop and Holland Lop can look similar, especially in color; however, they both require different living environments, social requirements, and even different kinds of owners, too.

Owning Rabbits

The ideal owner for any rabbit is one that has the time and attention to devote to playtime and care. All rabbits are social creatures that crave interaction from their owners and other rabbit companions.

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Here are a few necessities for your rabbit:

Chew toys

Rabbit pen

Food and water dishes with appropriate food

Litter Box cleaned regularly.

A rabbit-proofed area for play, such as a small room or exercise pen.

What’s the difference?

About the Mini Lop

Mini Lops can easily be trained to show special behaviors and tricks with a clicker trainer. Mini Lops have been known to show their frustration when not rewarded with a treat or adequate amounts of playtime by stamping their hind feet.

Physical Traits

Mini Lops have been referred to as a basketball with a head! Meaning that this breed has a more rounded body, thicker boned, with a wide head.

This breed is ideal for children nine years or older and requires lots of human interaction and attention. Because of their social nature, out-of-cage time is essential bonding time between rabbit and owner.

About the Holland Lop

Their fur is short, dense, and glossy, and they have a beautiful well-defined crown at the nape of their neck. Their small stature is matched with a broad head.

Holland Lop Physical Traits

Much like the Mini Lop, they come in numerous colors such as chestnut, black, blue, lilac, ruby-eyed, cream, tricolored, and more.