Keeping Rabbits Safe with Outdoor Housing

By Christine


Rabbits can thrive whether they live inside or outside your home. What’s more important is how you cater to their physical and behavioral needs.

Many rabbit parents claim that keeping your bunny indoors is safer for your fur baby. But sometimes, you have no choice but to place your pet outside.

Essential Considerations for Outdoor Rabbit Housing

Their living space should also be large enough to allow them to run, dig, climb and play comfortably and happily. It should also be in a place that’s safe from predatory animals.

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Here are the factors to consider in when creating your rabbit’s outdoor living area:

Make sure the size is right

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The size of their pen should allow them to stand fully upright on their hind legs and stretch out when they lie down. A size of around 6ft x 2ft x2ft works best for most rabbit breeds.

Attaching an exercise run to their pen is one way of ensuring they’ll have plenty of opportunities to run around anytime it suits them.

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Provide an exercise area

Keep your rabbit safe from predators by constructing their enclosure with materials that can prevent animals who prey on rabbits from getting in.

Outdoor rabbit housing should be secure

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Use non-toxic materials

To prevent accidentally poisoning your pet, make sure the wood used on their living area hasn’t been treated with chemicals toxic to rabbits.

A lawn is a great place to situate your rabbit’s living space as this gives your pet access to grass and other greenery. Grass is good for their digestive system.

Choose an ideal location for your rabbit’s outdoor housing

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