How to Treat Snuffles in Rabbits

By Christine

Snuffles in rabbits is one of those ailments that can befall your bun and, if not treated correctly, it can turn chronic, or worse, lead to death.

Snuffles is a term that describes the symptoms of a common respiratory infection in rabbits. Different germs can cause this ailment, but the most common ones are Pasteurella and Bordetella.


What is Snuffles in Rabbits?

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Symptoms of Snuffles in Rabbits

Watery nasal discharge that’s clear at first but later turns yellowis


Snoring or snuffling sound

Matted fur, particularly on the front paws

Rapid breathing or difficulty breathing

Treatment of Snuffles

The best recourse would be to take your rabbit to the vet, who will likely perform a swab to determine what type of bacteria is behind the infection. Once the results come in, a prescription for antibiotics is the next step. You may have to give your rabbit the medication for a few months to treat the condition completely.

Can You Treat Snuffles at Home?

That depends on what the vet recommends. Usually, if the symptoms are mild or if your bun seems a lot better after a short stay at the hospital, his doctor may send him home with some instructions regarding his treatment protocol.

In such cases, home treatment may work but be sure to do the following:

Give your pet all the medication the doctor prescribed and let your vet know of any difficulty you’re having about the treatment.

If your vet thinks it will help, you can get a nebulizer to soothe your bun’s airways and as a means to administer some of his medication.

How Do You Prevent Snuffles in Rabbits?

Prevention is better than cure, and fortunately, there are ways to avoid this dreaded disease.

Good hygiene is paramount when it comes to disease prevention, so make sure that your pet’s living environment is as spotless as you can reasonably get it. This means regularly cleaning your rabbit’s cage to avoid the build-up of wastes.

Good Hygiene

Cramped quarters prevent your rabbit from getting enough exercise. Moreover, it can be pretty stressful for your pet not to be able to move around. The more space he gets, the better.

Enough Space

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