How To Tell If Your Rabbit Is Sick?

By Christine

We’re sure you want to give the best care to your fur baby. So you provide them with nutritious meals and treats plus a clean habitat where they can safely sleep and play.

And if your bun gets sick, you’re ready to take them to the vet to restore them to good health.

Signs of Rabbit Illness

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Decreased energy level

a sudden and significant change in their energy level can be a symptom of bunny illness.

Keep track of your bun’s food intake. If he leaves his veggies and pellets untouched, and if he refuses to eat even when you give him his favorite treat, consider it an emergency and contact your vet immediately.

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Appetite changes

Rabbits have a sensitive digestive system. As a result, changes in the amount and appearance of their poop can indicate that your pet is suffering from some health issue.

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Changes in their poop

If your pet’s coat no longer looks sleek and shiny or if he is shedding a lot, then your bun may be ill. Parasites can cause itching. Excessive grooming or scratching can then lead to hair loss.

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Dull coat or hair loss

Rabbits don’t usually drool. So if you observe some wetness around your bun’s nose or on his chin, this can be a sign of some dental or respiratory issues.

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