How to Stop Rabbits from Chewing Wires

By Christine

Rabbits chew, and we can easily understand why. They need to do so; otherwise, their perpetually growing teeth get too long and cause all sorts of health issues.

However, letting them gnaw on everything they come across their living space would be downright dangerous as plenty of stuff can cause them harm. Wires are one of them.

Why Do Rabbits Chew?

Rabbits have a biological need to chew.

Boredom can also lead to chewing. Buns with nothing to do may decide to entertain themselves by nibbling on those dangling wires and cords within their reach.

Why Do They Chew on Wires?

Your bun may wonder if it will make a good meal and try to find out by taking a bite or two. The rubbery texture of the wire’s coating encourages further chewing, and your pet may decide how much fun it is to gnaw on his newly discovered chew toy.

Can They Die from Chewing Wires?

Nibbling on wires poses risks for your bun. However, the severity of the injuries he sustains depends on the following scenarios.

If the plug at the end of the wire isn’t inserted into a socket, the primary danger to your pet comes from the wiring material. Wires contain toxic substances, such as zinc, which can cause mouth lacerations.

The Wire Is Not  Carrying Any Current

The Wire Is Live

Rabbits that chew on live wires could suffer from a host of potential injuries, such as mild burns to the mouth, cardiac and respiratory trouble, and in extreme cases, death.

How To Stop Them

A rabbit with a free run of your home will have plenty of opportunities to get at your electronics’ wires and cables, not to mention carpet and walls!

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