Do Rabbits Get Lonely?

By Christine

As adorable as rabbits are, having one as a pet entails some responsibility. You’ll need to feed and exercise them, provide proper shelter and give them lots of tender loving care.

We know that your rabbit’s physical and emotional wellbeing is one of your priorities so let us help you figure out if being an only bunny can make your pet lonely.

Should rabbits live with other rabbits?

Being social creatures, rabbits appreciate constant companionship. They do so much better when they’re in pairs or with a group, so your fur baby can become lonely living alone.

How can you tell if your rabbit is feeling lonely?

Your rabbit won’t eat

Your pet indulges in fur-pulling

Your rabbit stops grooming himself

Your normally active bunny becomes lethargic

Your rabbit displays destructive behaviors

How to prevent loneliness?

If your bunny is typical of its kind, it will need companionship so it won’t get lonely. As such, you have the following options.

Get another rabbit

Giving your pet a bunny to bond with is the ideal solution if you see that your rabbit is becoming lonely. We recommend that you choose one who’s of the same age as your pet but of the opposite gender.

If you don’t want to take care of two rabbits, but you have other pets, you can try if your bunny will respond to their companionship. We’ve heard stories of cats, dogs, and other animals bonding with rabbits.

Provide a companion of another specie

Be your pet’s companion

An only bunny will ultimately rely on you for companionship if he doesn’t have an animal buddy. Showering your rabbit with plenty of attention and affection can help drive the blues away

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