Do Rabbits Get Cold?

By Christine

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They thrive in some of the world’s coldest places, such as Antarctica and Russia, which only means that they’re highly resistant to freezing conditions.  But just because they can live in cold weather, do they actually get cold?

What Temperatures Can They Handle?

Healthy adults usually do well and may even become more alert and active when the thermometer reading plunges to 40° F. With a well-insulated hutch, they can tolerate temperatures lower than that.

How Can You Tell If Your Rabbit Is Cold?

The numbers on the thermometer may not be enough to gauge if the temperature’s just right for your pet or if he’s already getting chilled. A quick way to check is to feel his ears.

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Changes in Your Bun’s Body as the Weather Turns Colder

Even if your bun no longer lives in the wild, his body still reacts to the approaching cold weather the way his undomesticated kin does.

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Increased Appetite

Rabbits in the wild start to eat more when they sense the approach of winter. That’s because food gets harder to find during the cold months. Moreover, the increase in body fat helps protect rabbits from extreme cold.

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Expect a fur storm when you feel the wind gets chillier. That’s because rabbits usually undergo a winter molt as the temperature drops.

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More Energy

Rabbits love cold weather. It usually invigorates them and increases their energy level.

What to Do so Your Rabbit Doesn’t Get Cold?


How you protect your pet from chilling temperatures will depend on where you keep him.


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