Do Bunnies Like to Be Held?

By Christine

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With that furry little face, twitchy nose and beautiful eyes you’d think bunnies would like to be held and cuddled right? But that’s not the case for many of them.

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Bunnies, like all pets, have a personality all their own. Just like some pets love to be carried around and some don’t, that’s the same case for bunnies. And this can even vary from day to day!

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Imagine a busy household, with lots of commotion and activity, maybe kids running around and other pets playing… don’t be surprised if you try to hold your bunny and he or she kicks and squirms to be put down. Or worse, shakes and tries to hide.

Alternatively, if it’s super quiet and calm, your bunny may have no issues with being held.

Keep in mind that carrying your bunny and walking around is much different than cuddling your bunny from a seated position. I highly recommend the seated position first as carrying a bunny while walking can not only be dangerous to the bunny (they can squirm and be dropped), but they are rarely comfortable at that height

How to handle your bunny

Patience is huge when it comes to holding your bunny. If the environment is making him stressed, it may take a bit longer to calm him down to the point of being able to hold him. The key is to be patient and take your time getting to the ‘holding’ stage.


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Sitting on the floor with your bunny out next to you is the best way of working up to holding them. This makes you ‘on level’ with them.

Sit on the floor

In moderation, treats are one of your best secret weapons. I really like the Barley Biscuits from Oxbow. They’re a heart-shaped biscuit and bunnies LOVE them!

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