Can Rabbits Swim?

By Christine

Dog owners know that swimming is one activity they can share with their pets, and although cats aren’t as water-loving as dogs, a dunking in the pool won’t usually cause any harm. But what about rabbits?

So Can Rabbits Swim?

Technically, yes. Some wild bun breeds, such as the Marsh rabbit, thrive in wet environments and even seem to enjoy swimming.

Moreover, swimming is a survival instinct that nature has hardwired into rabbits. Buns in the wild will jump into a river or pond to flee from predators. This means that bunnies can and do swim to save their lives

But Do Rabbits Like It?

That’s a better question. Even though rabbits can swim, it doesn’t mean you should make it a habit to take them with you to the pool. Because of their dense coat, they quickly get waterlogged, which is not a fun experience.

Are There Breeds That Enjoy Swimming?

Not ALL rabbits hate swimming. We did mention that some wild buns have learned to make swimming part of their daily activities.

First determine if your pet doesn’t mind getting wet.

How Can You Tell If They Like to Swim?

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Because each rabbit is unique, you may just have a bun that loves the water. But finding out how he feels about going for a lap or two can be challenging.

Here are gentler ways to find out if you can interest your bun in swimming.

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Spritz your pet’s hutch  with water

Watch his reaction to his  water bowl

See how he reacts to  having a bath

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Even if your bun loves the water, we advise against taking him for a dip in a chlorinated pool. Chlorine is a chemical that can be toxic to rabbits.

What About Chlorinated Pools?

Can Rabbits Swim in an  Ocean or Lake?

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The sea may seem safer than a chlorinated pool because of the absence of chemicals in the water. However, you’ll expose your pet to elements foreign to him if you take him to the sea.

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