Can Rabbits and Chickens Safely Live Together?

By Christine

So, you’re wondering whether rabbits and chickens can live together?

Well, it’s a common question among pet owners and homesteaders alike.

Some might think that because both creatures are small enough to co-exist, they can live harmoniously in the same space.

Well, technically, they can, but you can’t simply put them together, and that’s it. They’re different animals, after all, so they have different needs, habits, and temperaments.

Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together?

It can be tricky to put rabbits and chickens together. They can share living space without any troubles, yes. But don’t expect that to happen on its own.

If you plan to get rabbits and chickens, you’ll be glad to know these two can live in harmony. Of course, some work goes into creating a safe and peaceful living arrangement for two animals with different needs.

How to Keep Rabbits and Chickens Together

Introduce Your Rabbits and Chickens to Each Other When They’re Young

Rabbits can live with other animals, such as cats or dogs, and even become pals with them. The key is to introduce both creatures when they’re young. The same technique will work with chickens.

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Provide a Separate Hutch

Chickens and rabbits are both prey animals. As such, they’re both easily frightened. Providing them with their own hutch to hide in when they feel overwhelmed can be highly beneficial for their well-being.

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Make Sure They Have Plenty of Room

Being cooped up in a cramped area can make them bored and restless, which can lead to behavioral problems like aggression or feather pecking. Giving them plenty of room to roam will help them stay active and engaged.

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