All About the Californian Rabbit


By Christine



Certified bun lovers will likely cringe at the thought that this adorable rabbit type was initially bred for its fur and meat.  But take heart!


The Californian Rabbit has now become a popular pet as more and more fur parents learn about the breed’s wonderful temperament.

History of the  Californian Rabbit

The breed originated in Lynnwood, California, in 1923. At that time, George S. West sought to create a rabbit that would yield high-quality meat and a dense, attractive fur. However, it was not an easy task, and it took him five years to finally get it right.

Californian Rabbit: General Characteristics

The all-white coat with dark markings on the feet, ears, nose, and tail are the distinctive indicators of the breed.


The Californian’s coat is not as velvety as other breeds. In fact, the fur is relatively coarse. It’s matched by a dense undercoat.


Californian Rabbits are a white breed, with dark markings (the darker, the better) on specific body parts, such as the ears, nose, feet, and tail.

Caring for a  Californian Rabbit


Dark, leafy greens and small portions of fruits make excellent supplements to this rabbit’s daily feeding.


Because of their dense coat, you can’t skip your grooming chores if you keep a Californian Rabbit for a pet.

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