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6 Signs Your Rabbit Has an Ear Infection

By Christine

One of the distinguishing physical traits of a rabbit is their ears. Long and floppy, those appendages make a bun simply look too adorable for words.

It’s also easy for mites and bacteria to get into those ears because of their size. The many folds inside, along with the moist environment, can make your bun’s ears prone to infection. Ear mite infestations can also lead to the said health issue if left untreated.

Spotting the Symptoms of a Rabbit Ear Infection

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1. Head tilt

Anything that interferes with the balance center (such as an infection) can cause a wry neck. Loss of balance and abnormal eye movements usually accompany the head tilt.

A foul odor coming from your bunny’s ear may indicate an infection. More so if you see a thick or soupy discharge, blood, black debris, or whitish or yellowish dried material in your pet’s ear.

2. Discharge or odor coming from the ear

Pain can make your bun irritable. He may also grind his teeth. Although teeth grinding can indicate contentment, it can also signify discomfort.

3. Changes in behavior

If your bunny is not the type that has naturally floppy ears, then a drooping ear can be a sign that infection is blossoming inside his ear.

4. Droopy ear

It may sound strange that your rabbit will exhibit cold-like symptoms because of an ear infection. The condition may have spread from the ear to the nose and throat, leading to a respiratory infection.

5. Cold-like symptoms

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