5 Types of Dwarf Rabbit Breeds

By Christine

What’s cuter than a charming, fluffy rabbit?

A cuddly and loveable mini bun, that’s what. Dwarf rabbit breeds are experiencing a popularity boost. And why not? Dwarf breeds are just as adorable as other bun types, plus their compact size makes them easier to feed, house, and carry around.

What Are Dwarf  Rabbits?

That gene produces the features typical in dwarf rabbit breeds, such as a bigger, rounder head, a compact body, and shorter ears compared to non-dwarf types.

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Here are some of the most popular teeny-weeny breeds to choose from. We’re sure one will easily capture your heart:

5 Different Dwarf Rabbit Breeds


Friendly, active, and affectionate, the Lionhead gets along well with children and will surely be a welcome addition to a bun-loving family.

Britannia Petite

With a maximum weight of only around 2.5 pounds, this tiny cutie is quite a looker. Its characteristic arched body, pointed ears, and little paws made the Brianna Petite extremely popular in rabbit shows.

Columbia Basin Pygmy

Weighing barely a pound, this rare beauty has a lovely grayish-brown coat, perked ears, and a round, compact body. Although they’re adorable animals, the Columbia Basin Pygmy is an endangered species, so you can’t own them as pets.

Jersey Wooly

This pint-sized bunny was developed in New Jersey. Its birthplace, plus its wooly coat, earned it its name. Reaching a weight of around 3 pounds, this bun comes in a variety of coat colors.

Netherland Dwarf

The Netherland Dwarf is very easy on the eyes, what with those big, soulful eyes, small, perky ears, and a soft, shiny coat that comes in a variety of colors.

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