15 Interesting Facts about Rabbits

By Christine

You may love your adorable bunny to bits, but we bet there are still some interesting facts about rabbits that you’re not aware of.

1. Your bun’s ears are pretty fascinating

Interesting rabbit facts

The ears are probably a rabbit’s most distinctive feature. These oversized organs of hearing help your pet cool down on a hot day.

2. Rabbits try their best not to show pain

Other animals prey on rabbits, so as much as possible, bunnies avoid showing signs of weaknesses.  Being sick or in pain means a rabbit probably won’t move quickly enough to escape predators.

3. Rabbits are great athletes

With a body that’s built to evade predators in the wild, a rabbit can jump impressive heights and distances.

4. Bunnies can’t live on carrots

The truth is, carrots aren’t part of a rabbit’s natural diet as they don’t eat root veggies in the wild. Instead, buns in their natural habitat usually munch on greens, such as grasses and weeds.

5. Rabbits Purr

One fascinating noise that rabbits make is purring. Yes, purring. It doesn’t resemble a cat’s purr but is more like the sound of teeth chattering or light chomping.

6. Rabbits binky when they’re super-happy

When your pet is extremely happy, he may suddenly hop and flick his head and feet in midair.

7. Bunnies can see almost 360 degrees

Rabbits eyes are positioned at the sides of their heads, which let them see almost all the way around them.

8. Rabbits can be aggressive

Yes, those fluffy and cuddly creatures do turn nasty at times. As gentle as they are, buns can show aggressive behaviors such as growling, biting, or thumping their feet.